resquoo to the rescue!

At resquoo, we know the loss of invaluable data is devastating—that’s why we partner with our customers to develop a personalized data recovery plan designed to fit their needs. We recover your data from hard drives, SSD’s, computers, iPhones, mobile devices and all kinds of media. From data recovery to data backup, from file transfers to device tune-ups, customer satisfaction and confidentiality are central to everything we do. We use state-of-the-art equipment, tools, and processes to keep your data safe and secure, and with decades of experience, our staff is committed to providing you with the personal, affordable, and professional support you need. Because we’re not just IT people—we’re people people.



Just because it’s not working doesn’t mean the data’s not there. We’ll have it back in no time!


Let’s get that device back in working condition!


Don’t worry about disaster striking again – let us protect you going forward!


Our Services



Data Recovery

Whether it’s a failing hard drive, software corruption or broken device, there’s no need to worry. Have us retrieve the data and we’ll have it back in your hands in no time at all!

Data Transfer

Replacing or upgrading a device? Let us transfer your data from old to new so you can be back up and running!

Other Services

Is your device slow? Is there malware installed? Does it need upgrades? You may not need a replacement – let us refresh the machine!