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For the past two years, our company website ( has remained the same as the day it was first launched, while our company and services continued to grow and expand.

In order to better present to our customers what we do at resquoo, we decided to completely revamp and redesign our existing website to provide more information about our services, display customer testimonials, as well as ways make it easier than ever to contact us.

Next time disaster strikes, visit us at to learn what we can do for you!

Smashed Samsung Galaxy S5 in pieces

Life as it happens…

While vacationing in Vermont this client placed his phone on the roof of his car while securing his kids in the backseat. They started driving and later realized they lost the phone. It was found in the center of town, in the meantime run over by a number of cars.

Luckily this client knew about resquoo and brought us the phone with great hopes on Sunday morning. When we received it, the phone was held together just by tape and the screen protector. Our client is a business consultant. He was looking to recover more than 750 future calendar events for meetings with his customers, over 500 contacts and of course the vacation pictures from Vermont. Without a backup, this phone was the only device that had this data – the impact on his business would have been disastrous.

resquoo fully recovered the phone in our lab using our Galaxy S5 recovery fixture after repairing several squashed connectors on the logic board. Our client had all data and pictures restored to his replacement phone next day by noon and did not miss a single appointment. Data recovery sometimes means long nights, but it’s always worth it to see our clients happy!

How To Properly Lay An Old Device To Rest

There comes a point in every gadget’s life where it’s time to move on to the better, shinier and faster product. If the older device is broken, there’s always the opportunity to bring it in for one of our various data recovery services, regardless of if it’s a laptop, mobile device, or other device that stores data.  However, if you don’t need our services, there are still a few steps you should take in order to properly dispose of the device.

As Dan Tynan wrote in an article for Yahoo! Tech, backing up the device should always be the first thing you should do before you recycle it, just incase you need something from it at some point down the road. After all, when the device is gone, you won’t have another chance to pull out anything you may have forgotten it contained.

Once the data has been extracted, it’s always a good idea to wipe the device back to factory settings (or destroy it if you are unable to), since you never know who’s hands it may end up in. Plus, the process to do so, regardless of device, is usually fairly simple.

Finally, when the device is ready to be sent off for good, the last step is to properly dispose if it. If you choose not to try to sell the device, finding a way to recycle it is the most eco friendly way to go as most gadgets have a variety of components that are harmful to the environment.

Transferring Data From An Old Device

Everyone has had a computer break, or decided to upgrade when the old one starts showing signs of its age. Let’s face it, when it comes time to transition to a new computer, transferring your data from one computer to another can be a real hassle, especially when the older machine is no longer working correctly.

Here at resquoo, we offer services for customers in these predicaments so that there’s no need to research the specifics. Don’t worry about learning the difference between SATA, USB, FireWire or Thunderbolt connections, we can instead have you up and running again in no time at all.

That being said, not all cases require a trip to us – if you’re technically capable and have the parts needed, data transfers can take place right at home. In a recent article written by Donna Tapellini on Yahoo! Finance, she details the steps needed to transfer files to a new computer, and how to properly use the old hard drive when complete to prevent someone else from seeing your data.

As a disclaimer, we urge you to take caution when trying this at home – it’s too easy and common for someone to accidentally erase everything during this process. While we can still attempt to recover the erased data, why not avoid the possibility if you’re uncertain?