Data Recovery Services

Data loss is disastrous. With people so dependent on their devices, the loss of invaluable data can bring your personal or professional life to a screeching halt. However, did you know that while there may be no trace of the missing data on your device, it can usually still be recovered?

At resquoo, data recovery is our specialty. Whether your data loss was caused by a damaged device, defective hard drive, software corruption, or accidental deletion, our highly trained and certified data-recovery experts will go the extra mile to recover your irreplaceable data and put your mind at ease. Instead of enduring the hassle of removing the defective drive from your computer, just bring the whole device in for service. We’ll never return your data to you on a disk and instruct you to restore your device yourself—resquoo restores it for you, and our team is with you through the entire process.  Also, unlike big box stores and national computer retailers, we never make any modifications to the data on your original hard drive, only to carefully recovered clones of that drive, thus further protecting your data from damage or deletion.

If you’ve suffered a disastrous data loss, don’t panic! Stop by one of our convenient pickup/drop-off locations to speak with one of our knowledgeable team members today. We offer local pick-up service, and walk-ins are always welcome—some mobile device recoveries can even be done while you wait, and you only pay if your recovery is successful!