Data Transfer Services

Upgrading to the latest smartphone, tablet, or laptop model that’s just been released is exciting. However, the prospect of having to transfer all your contacts, files, music, photos, and more to a new device can seem like an insurmountable obstacle. Don’t worry—resquoo has you covered!

When data is improperly transferred from an old device to a new one, you run the risk of losing that data forever—that’s why resquoo offers comprehensive data transfer services at any of our convenient locations! Our expert technicians will meticulously back up, convert, and transfer your data, ensuring that your transition to a new device is smooth and painless. Whether you’re switching from Windows to Apple, or vice versa, we can organize all your data for an easy switch.

What about your emails? Switching from one email client to another, like Outlook to Apple Mail, isn’t always an easy process, so why not have resquoo do it for you? We can also retrieve data from old computers, or legacy drives – there’s no reason to worry about purchasing adapters or connectors. Walk-ins are always welcome, and most data transfers, as well as certain mobile device recoveries, can be done while you wait!

In a hurry? Call ahead and ask about our expedited service options.