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Why Data Recovery Has Become More Complex

Why is data recovery so complex? With all of the advances in technology, our clients sometimes assume that data recovery should be easier and less expensive than ever. While we at resquoo do benefit from the use of state-of-the-art equipment, techniques, tools, and software, that doesn’t mean our job is simpler than it used to… Continue Reading →

Recover Data in North Andover, MA

Has your device suffered data loss and now you need a way to recover data? In North Andover, you’ll find computer repair shops, but to visit real data recovery experts, make the short drive to Peabody. It may seem more convenient to visit your neighborhood repair shop, but they don’t have the state-of-the-art equipment, specialized… Continue Reading →

Data Recovery in Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA

If you need data recovery in Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA, only drive to Peabody. Our Peabody data recovery lab has the specialized tools, equipment, software, experience, and techniques to recover data from the following devices: Desktop computers (e.g. Mac, iMac, Windows PC) Laptops (e.g. MacBook, Windows) Hard drives (i.e. internal and external) Solid-state drives (i.e. SSDs) Servers… Continue Reading →

– Joyce Satzerley

This is an amazing service and very considerate of customers, keeping me in the loop all of the time.  Thank you.

Service Areas

We have served clients from all over the world, but most of our clients come from the following cities and towns: Andover Beverly Boston Boxford Danvers Gloucester Hamilton Ipswich Lynn Lynnfield Manchester-by-the-Sea Marblehead Melrose Middleton Newburyport North Andover North Reading Peabody Reading Salem Swampscott Wakefield

Recover Data in Wakefield, MA

If you need to recover data in Wakefield, MA, come to resquoo in nearby Peabody for a free diagnostic evaluation. Based on your evaluation, our engineers will be able to recommend the most cost-effective data recovery plan for your needs. If you choose to work with resquoo, we’ll begin your data recovery case right away,… Continue Reading →

We Restore Data for Swampscott, MA Clients

resquoo has been able to restore data for Swampscott, MA clients and clients from around the world since 2013. Here’s what our engineers will provide to ensure you have a positive experience: Easy-to-Understand Explanations When you come in, we’ll explain what caused the data loss on your desktop or laptop computer, server, hard drive, solid-state… Continue Reading →

Affordable Data Recovery for Salem, MA

If you think no one can provide affordable data recovery in Salem, MA, we have good news for you. resquoo, located in nearby Peabody, can recover data at reasonable rates from laptops, desktops, servers, hard drives and SSDs, tablets and mobile phones, and media devices like USB flash drives. Our engineers have successfully recovered Apple… Continue Reading →

Mac and Windows Data Recovery for Reading, MA

resquoo has provided Mac and Windows data recovery for Reading, MA clients and clients all over the world. Our engineers have handled data loss from every cause, including mechanical failure; file deletion; data corruption; liquid, shock, and fire damage; and other issues. resquoo works with desktop computers, laptops, hard drives and SSDs, servers, mobile devices,… Continue Reading →

Data Recovery Company in Peabody, MA

You don’t have to travel to Boston and pay big city prices to recover your data from a failed device when there’s a data recovery company in Peabody, MA. resquoo has successfully recovered data from desktop computers, laptops, hard drives, SSDs, servers, mobile devices, and media devices. What about mail-in data recovery services? Mail-in data… Continue Reading →

Cost-Effective Data Recovery for North Reading

At resquoo, we have been performing cost-effective data recovery for North Reading, MA clients and clients from all over the world since 2013. We recover data from desktop and laptop computers, servers, hard drives, solid-state drives (SSDs), tablets and mobile phones, and media devices. Why resquoo is the Economical Option Since our engineers have the… Continue Reading →

Recover Data from a Failed Hard Drive in Newburyport, MA

You came to this page because you need to recover data from a failed hard drive in Newburyport, MA, right? Good news: resquoo’s data recovery lab in nearby Peabody has recovered data from thousands of hard drives that have failed due to physical damage, logical problems, or wear and tear. Physical Damage A hard drive… Continue Reading →

Expert Data Recovery for Melrose, MA

Our Engineers Provide Expert Data Recovery for Melrose, MA Clients resquoo is located in nearby Peabody, MA and can recover data from just about any digital device, even when repair is impossible or impractical. So, what makes us data recovery experts? Apple Certification We are a member of the Apple Consultants Network. This means our… Continue Reading →

Expedited Data Recovery for Marblehead, MA

resquoo provides expedited data recovery at affordable rates. You can count on resquoo to handle your data recovery case quickly and at a fair price. We offer expedited options for customers who need their data recovered as soon as possible. When you work with resquoo, you won’t have to spend time figuring out how to… Continue Reading →

Recover Lost Data in Lynnfield, MA

Do you need to recover lost data? In Lynnfield, MA, your first stop may be the Apple Store at 1220 Market Street, at least if you own a Mac. However, you may find that repair is not possible or economical. resquoo frequently works with devices that have been so heavily damaged by liquid, fire, or… Continue Reading →

Professional Data Recovery for Lynn, MA

resquoo has offered professional data recovery services to Lynn, MA residents since 2013 from our data recovery lab in nearby Peabody What makes us our services truly professional? Our engineers use specially designed “clean benches” that minimize the presence of contaminants when opening your hard drive is necessary to extract the data from it. This… Continue Reading →

Recover Lost Data in Ipswich, MA

If you need to recover lost data in Ipswich, MA, you’re only a short drive away from our data recovery lab in nearby Peabody. resquoo is a family-owned and -operated business that provides a wide range of data recovery services to clients every day. You have options, so why choose us? 1. Data Recovery Expertise… Continue Reading →

Recover Lost Files in Hamilton, MA

At resquoo, we have been able to recover lost files for Hamilton, MA clients in a wide variety of situations, including accidental deletion, reformatting, or a malfunctioning hard drive. This page will cover three of these issues in detail. Data Recovery After Accidental Deletion This occurs when you delete files by mistake, then empty your… Continue Reading →

Economical Data Recovery for Gloucester, MA

resquoo Has Been Providing Economical Data Recovery for Gloucester, MA Clients Since 2013 Our professional data recovery lab is located in nearby Peabody, so you can enjoy the benefits of working with a local team. One benefit of working with a local team is that you won’t have to take your desktop computer or laptop… Continue Reading →

Fast Data Recovery for Danvers, MA

resquoo has offered fast data recovery for Danvers, MA clients since 2013. we can recover data quickly for local customers two reasons: our experienced team and our local data recovery lab. resquoo is focused on data recovery rather than repair. Each data recovery case is a high priority for our engineers, as it is our… Continue Reading →

Dependable Data Recovery for Boxford, MA

resquoo has provided dependable data recovery for Boxford, MA clients and clients all over the world since 2013. Our engineers have years of experience servicing desktop computers, laptops, servers, hard drives, SSDs, cell phones, tablets, and media devices. What makes resquoo so dependable? The biggest factor is that our engineers don’t give up easily on… Continue Reading →

Looking for a Data Recovery Lab in Boston, MA?

resquoo is the Data Recovery Lab for Boston, MA Clients resquoo operates a state-of-the-art lab in nearby Peabody where our engineers have successfully recovered data from thousands of desktop computers, laptops, servers, hard drives, solid-state drives (SSDs), tablets, mobile phones, and media devices. Keep reading for five reasons to choose resquoo. 1. Affordability We make… Continue Reading →

Reliable Data Recovery for Beverly, MA

For reliable data recovery in Beverly, MA, it’s time to think beyond your neighborhood computer repair store. Your typical computer repair store may look neat and tidy, but doesn’t have a special data recovery lab where contaminants are minimized. Working in a very clean space is important because dust can harm the inside of devices…. Continue Reading →

Computer Data Recovery in Andover, MA

If you’re searching for a company that can handle computer data recovery for Andover, MA clients, look no further than Peabody. resquoo has recovered data from thousands of desktop, laptop, and tablet computers since 2013. Desktop Computer Data Recovery On a desktop computer, data is stored inside either a conventional hard drive or solid-state drive… Continue Reading →

Do you delete my files after you recover them?

After a data recovery service was successfully completed, we securely delete your data from your old device. We keep our own copy of your data for two weeks just in case you run into any trouble, then securely delete it. 

– Thomas H Mitchell

I had a dual mirrored hard drive that was suppose to keep working even if one drive failed. Both drives failed simultaneously leaving me with over 90,000 images in limbo. The staff at resquoo take over and saved the day. I left with a much more secure backup system and all my images intact. They… Continue Reading →

– Ric Heerde

My IT guy told me my data couldn’t be recovered. Another consultant said the same. Bill at Family PC Outlet was kind enough to run a couple tests on my disk and said, “I can’t fix it, but these guys CAN.” So I hurried to resquoo on Easter Saturday. resquoo started working on it that… Continue Reading →

– Tara Dutton Faria

I was extremely pleased with my experience at resquoo. My daughter had many photos on her phone, and those are the items that I truly wanted restored for her. Resquoo provided wonderful customer service and completed the job both quickly and effectively, at a rate that was very reasonable!

– Alicia Blake

My main concern when switching from my Galaxy to an iPhone 5s was how to get my data back from my broken old phone and onto the new iPhone. After resquoo recovered the data from the broken Galaxy they transferred it to the new iPhone 5s and walked me through iCloud backup. If anyone out… Continue Reading →

– Scott Hambley

I highly recommend resquoo. They went above and beyond the call of duty to rescue all the data off my 90-year-old father’s vintage 1989 IBM PS/2 Model 30 286 when it failed after running continuously for 26 years. The hard drive completely failed and there was no backup for over 20 years of thousands of… Continue Reading →

– Catherine Kalogeros

 I was so pleased with resquoo and I definitely recommend them. My phone would not turn on, it may have suffered water damage as it turns out. They were able to retrieve all of my data, they worked diligently on it all afternoon. Thank you so much!!!

– Jarna Guilmette Saggese

 I highly recommend resquoo! From recovering data to installing a new hard drive to going the extra mile with superb customer service, resquoo is on the top of the list with computer knowledge and expertise. I seriously thought all the data on my hard drive was gone until I called resquoo … Not only did resquoo… Continue Reading →

Operating Systems, Devices, and Brands We Work With

We work with a wide variety of operating systems, devices, and brands. Computer and mobile perating systems: Android BlackBerry Secure Google Pixel UI iOS LG UX Linux MacOS Samsung Experience Windows ZenUI And more Brands for computer data recovery: Acer Apple Asus CORSAIR Dell Google HP HTC Lenovo Microsoft ORIGIN Polywell Computers Samsung Toshiba Vaio… Continue Reading →

Can you fix my device?

No, we don’t repair devices. We specialize in retrieving data from devices, such as contacts and photos from a mobile phone or files from a computer. 

I deleted data from my mobile phone. Can you recover it?

Recovering deleted mobile phone data is a difficult task. However, we will be happy to perform a free diagnostic evaluation to assess your situation. We advise that you turn your cell phone off as soon as possible after the deletion to ensure the best odds of recovery.

– Nelson Kiggundu

They are the first people I’ll ever go to with hard drive issues. They are professional, polite, efficient and effective. Their customer service is top-notch. They gave me an update and even a follow-up call. I’m not even worried about my hard drive, because I know that resquoo will go over and beyond to recover… Continue Reading →

– Danielle Norris-Gardner

These people make magic happen. I showed up dreading how much it would cost to recover my data from a broken MacBook Pro that was too old for the Genius team at Apple to service. I came in wondering if I could even justify the expense, and I left in awe. They were super professional,… Continue Reading →

– Ayikudy Srikanth

I had a fairly complicated situation with my RAID array disks and would have lost all the data if not for resquoo. They were able to recover all of the data after two drives failed on a RAID 5 array. RAID recovery is slow and can take 10 days. During this entire period, I would… Continue Reading →

Other Services

Data Backup Services The best way to protect your data is to back it up often. We can set up and explain how you can back up your data using solutions like wireless backups and cloud backups to ensure it won’t be lost. File Transfer Services When the time comes to move your data from… Continue Reading →

Restore and Protect Data

Data Recovery When we recover data, we aim to bring your files back to their original state whenever possible. Instead of just handing you back a hard drive with your data on it, we make sure that you can make sense of and use your recovered information. This will save you time and effort, as… Continue Reading →

Email and QuickBooks Data Recovery

Email and QuickBooks data is often critical to your business; losing it can be a serious blow to your operations. We also understand how difficult it can be to lose personal data, such as e-mails from family members or friends. Unfortunately, just like all data, email and QuickBooks files can be corrupted by factors like… Continue Reading →

Media Device Data Recovery

Data loss can occur with media devices such as: USB flash drives Memory cards from digital voice recorders or cameras External hard drives Floppy drives MP3 players CDs DVDs This data loss may be due to corrupted files, liquid damage or other types of physical damage, or a number of other factors. Vintage file formats… Continue Reading →

Phone and Tablet Data Recovery

You may upgrade your mobile phone or tablet when your old one breaks, behaves slowly, suffers liquid damage, or is just out of date. Even if your old device is in poor condition, we may be able to recover your contacts, photos, videos, notes, and other information. If your data is recoverable, we can restore… Continue Reading →

Hard Drive and SSD Data Recovery

It is well known that hard drives and solid-state drives (SSDs) fail over time. They can also be damaged by heat, impact, electronic failure, power surges, or many other factors, making data not accessible. Hard drive data and SSD data recovery requires exceptional skills, a lot of experience, and dedicated specialized equipment. The process starts… Continue Reading →

Server Data Recovery

Servers are less likely to fail than other types of storage solutions, but even when using technology like RAID, data is still at risk because multiple drive failures can occur. Considering how much data the average server holds, this data loss can be catastrophic for a business. Fortunately, the data may still be recoverable. For best… Continue Reading →

Desktop Computer Data Recovery

If you’ve suffered data loss caused by a damaged computer, defective hard drive, software corruption, accidental deletion, or other issue, our certified data recovery experts may be able to restore your files. Once you find that you can no longer access the files on your desktop computer, or immediately after your computer suffers an accident (such… Continue Reading →

Laptop Data Recovery

Laptops can suffer many types of accidents, from being dropped to having liquids spilled on them. They may also simply stop working properly from wear and tear. It’s best to power down your laptop as soon as possible after an accident, or after your files become inaccessible for any reason, because further use may make… Continue Reading →

Data Recovery Partners

We work with a wide range of partners who want to ensure their clients can recover data in a fast, affordable, convenient way. Our family-owned and -operated company has helped thousands of people recover data from desktop and laptop computers, cell phones and tablets, hard drives, servers, and media devices. Instead of simply telling a client that their data is… Continue Reading →

Can you help me dispose of my old device?

Yes, we can securely delete the data from your old device and recycle it. For secure erasing, we use specialized equipment that wipes data in compliance with  U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) guidelines. You can be assured that no one will be able to access your data. 

Data Recovery FAQs

Have any questions that aren’t answered above? Contact us and we will answer you as soon as we can.

About resquoo Data Recovery

Today, so many aspects of our lives are digital, from family photos and videos on a computer to business reports and financial databases on a laptop to contacts in a mobile phone. When that data is lost, it can feel like a part of one’s life has been lost along with it. That’s where resquoo… Continue Reading →

Introducing the new and improved!

For the past two years, our company website ( has remained the same as the day it was first launched, while our company and services continued to grow and expand. In order to better present to our customers what we do at resquoo, we decided to completely revamp and redesign our existing website to provide… Continue Reading →

Life as it happens…

While vacationing in Vermont this client placed his phone on the roof of his car while securing his kids in the backseat. They started driving and later realized they lost the phone. It was found in the center of town, in the meantime run over by a number of cars. Luckily this client knew about… Continue Reading →

Contact Us

 If you’re ready to get your data back from a failed or damaged hard drive, computer, phone or storage device, please contact us. We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Whether you would like a free and no-obligation data recovery estimate or have questions about your data recovery needs, contact us now… Continue Reading →

Data Recovery Services in Peabody, MA

If you have experienced device failure, chances are high that your data is still recoverable! resquoo has latest specialized tools, equipment, and processes to successfully, quickly, and affordably recover data from failed or damaged hard drives (desktop, laptop, external, SSD), RAID array, mobile phone, flash drives, or camera cards. Don’t take chances with your valuable… Continue Reading →

How To Properly Lay An Old Device To Rest

There comes a point in every gadget’s life where it’s time to move on to the better, shinier and faster product. If the older device is broken, there’s always the opportunity to bring it in for one of our various data recovery services, regardless of if it’s a laptop, mobile device, or other device that… Continue Reading →

Transferring Data From An Old Device

Everyone has had a computer break, or decided to upgrade when the old one starts showing signs of its age. Let’s face it, when it comes time to transition to a new computer, transferring data from one computer to another can be a real hassle, especially when the older machine is no longer working correctly…. Continue Reading →